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The CCIC will appoint a Project Manager in the coming weeks to spearhead a new drive to attract funding to bring this project to Kenmare. The time is right to relaunch this project as The Gathering will rejuvenate tourism on the west coast and attract many diaspora to the area.



The Centre of Contemporary Irish Culture is a multifunctional exhibition facility which, unlike other facilities, has the ability to adapt and change to present the most current expression of Ireland through the arts, music, design and craftsmanship. It’s this flexibility and creativity that makes it dynamic and provides for a compelling and ever changing calendar of events. The beauty of the space is its ability to produce and show diverse exhibitions.

The plans allow for up to 7 interchangeable galleries or spaces that can be interwoven and segmented depending on the needs of a particular exhibition. The main exhibition, which will have both national and international importance, will change seasonally thus creating an annual desire to revisit the Centre for the local, domestic and international markets. A creative team will lead, design and produce annual state-of-the-art exhibitions that will generate interest from a wide audience.The stunning location and architecture will prove attractive to visitors. The Viewing Level, at the highestpoint of the Centre, ensures the viability of the project as it requires an entrance fee. The engaging, interactive and changing nature of the exhibitions will stimulate a desire to visit annually.

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