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Project Manager Appointment


The CCIC will appoint a Project Manager in the coming weeks to spearhead a new drive to attract funding to bring this project to Kenmare. The time is right to relaunch this project as The Gathering will rejuvenate tourism on the west coast and attract many diaspora to the area. 


Project Rejuvenated


The CCIC are pleased to announce the project is to be rejuvenated. Further details to follow. 


December 2009 Budget - €22m allocated


Following the announcement during the Budget of December 9th 2009 it is wonderful news that €22m is to be allocated for the provision of cultural attractions.  In the coming weeks we will be liaising with Failte Ireland to progress our plans and provide the region with a very strong catalyst to stimulate the economy and underpin employment in the greater area. 

Department of Tourism/Finance give directive to Fáilte Ireland


Failte Ireland has received a directive from the Department of Tourism/Finance that no projects under consideration for funding should proceed as a result of the current economic situation. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed. It appears to be the case that ALL projects have received this circular which raises many questions regarding the vision and future planning for the industry. This project has the ability to return the projected €6m grant to the exchequer within one or two years. It is in the words of one committee member "inept of the government to make such a decision". This project has received 100% support from all agencies that it has been presented to. It fundamentally addresses all the issues that face tourism in the region and therefore underpins employment. It is the "Silver Bullet" that the region needs and the ill-informed decision taken by the Department of Finance to shelve all applications does little to instil confidence in the future. This decision raises more questions about our leadership and what the plan is to address the current economic situation than it answers.

The CCIC project is still alive and offers the same potential as it always has. We will revisit our funding strategy and progress in the best interest of the region.

Local response to project is unprecedented


The local response to the project has simply been wonderful and unprecedented.  Even in these difficult times over €1m has been pledged from the businesses of Kenmare as of 3pm today.  This level of support in such a short space of time is extremely encouraging.  As a result the committee will vigorously launch the project nationally and internationally over the summer months.  Speaking about the project John Brennan, Chairman of the Steering Committee said, “We are all delighted and greatly encouraged at the level of support.  The project is on a scale unprecedented in Kerry and for Kenmare to embrace it in such a way reflects the forward thinking of the town.  Even in these very difficult times it is heartening that businesses are willing to financially support such a project.  The summer months will be busy for the committee as the funding drive continues and expands.  September 1st remains our deadline to complete our funding needs.  New funding options will be outlined on Patron Platforms offering every person an opportunity to contribute to the project.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the businesses that have pledged support to the project.

Fundraising Commences


Following a meeting of the business people of Kenmare on February 9th we are pleased the project received a very positive response.  As a result we will commence our fundraising campaigning with vigour.   





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